Here goes something!

$20 Dollar Venture

A new year is upon us and instead of the same old unfulfilled resolutions; I have decided to move forward on an idea that has been rattling around in my brain for the last year or so. In order to fully understand this experiment you must first understand the basic guidelines that go along with it.

  1. The initial $20 investment is all I am willing or allowed to make to start this experiment.
  2. My personal time value of money will not be taken into the equation.
  3. Any investment vehicle is allowed; well except illegal ones….what kind of moron would blog about those.
  4. There are no time constraints.
  5. This is a one shot deal, if the initial investment is lost then so is the blog.

Well with all of the vague details behind us, let’s move forward in starting this thing.

My overall idea was to start with an initial $20 and see how large I could grow it through different investments, trades, sales/resale, flips, and whatever else comes to mind. I am not trying to find a job through this, just keep myself occupied and maybe even learn a few things throughout this endeavor. I will use various sources (websites, books, garage sales, etc.) throughout the process to try to maximize my profits. If anyone is desperate enough to follow I would enjoy your comments and ideas. I will be monitoring progress with monthly posts as well as incremental goals.This is meant to be a fun exercise and the minute it loses that feeling I will pull the plug on the whole project. That being said I am already losing interest…. Just kidding. Monthly postings will allow you to follow me through this process.



About upwardsoftwenty

Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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4 Responses to Here goes something!

  1. This is such a great idea!

    I will be following with interest.

    Have you ever read one red paper clip?

    It’s about a guy who traded a paper clip up to a house. To be honest the book is poorly written but the idea is clearly similar so you might find some useful ideas in there!

    He kind of cheated towards the end as the trades he got were mainly down to the publicity surrounding the story/project but at the start of the project there were some good and legit trades I think.

    Good luck!

  2. Mel says:

    This is pretty cool!

    I actually thought about those guys who trade up from nothing to like a house. We used to play that when I was little. We called it “bigger, better” and you would walk around like a park while you were camping and try to keep on trading up. It was always interesting to see what people considered “better.”

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Mel. Bigger and Better is definitely the idea behind Upwards of Twenty. I never played the game but it has the same principles. Thanks for the comment. I will check your blog out. JB

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