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Receipt SavingsI wanted to write about a service that I have been using and realized a lot of people I know were unaware of this free service.  I am sure that every city has some sort of fuel service rewards plan. I use the Shell gas service that links directly to a Winn Dixie grocery store rewards card.

There are benefits associated with both sides of this transaction. The grocery store offers discounts to reward members on many items as well as coupons they send out. The purchases then build up rewards points that can be used for other items, but I use them strictly for fuel purchases. I posted a receipt from a purchase of fuel today.

I used my card at the pump so that I could save time since I was on my way to work. In order to maximize the discount you need to fill a full tank and pay inside the station instead of the card reader. The card reader caps at 20 gallons. Regardless I still saved $10 with no extra expenses.

Most fuel rewards are found through credit cards and many people I know prefer not to use credit cards for one reason or another. This is an easy way to save money on things you are going to purchase regardless. My wife would disagree since she is a loyal Publix shopper but I feel that most products at the grocery store are comparable. I also increased reward points by giving a card to a neighbor who buys products at the grocery as well. She does not use Shell gas (unsure of the reason), so she doesn’t care about the rewards.  She was actually the one who informed me of the fuel rewards years ago.

Hope this helps you save some money as well and remember saving and investing go hand in hand.  See the link below. JB

Shell Fuel Rewards


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