Recycled Crafts Pt. 1 – Free Money

Well the time is here for my next post. I know it’s been a while but I have been having trouble coming to terms with my new wealth from my first venture ($23.03). Before I started this adventure I had spent months reviewing different ideas so that I wouldn’t have long delays between posts. I have always been a pretty handy with wood work and felt that I would like to try to build something out of recycled wood that I could then try to resell. I enjoy fishing and living in beautiful Saint Petersburg, allows to me have access to some of the best fishing in Florida. I have decided that I am going to use pallet wood to design and build a Snook wall mural. I will probably build two if they come out nice so I can keep one and sell the other.  untitled

Inspiration can be found in many places. As I finished a recent landscape project I noticed that I still had a pallet left over from Home Depot. The thought of disposing of it immediately brought me back to YouTube video I saw on beachbumlivin where he designed and constructed a very nice coffee table out of mostly free goods. I plan on using different techniques to distress the wood even more than it already is. I will also visit a few local businesses to acquire a bit more pallet wood. I will have to use a bit of my capital to acquire a few items (stain, clear coat, screws, and hanging hardware).


There are a few different sources I will use to market the finished product. Etsy seems to be the biggest market for Crafts and other handmade products. The quick costs breakdown is $0.20 USD for each item listed. The listing runs for four months (maybe I will keep making them). They also charge 3.5% on the back end once a sale has occurred. With 30 million buyers and businesses I think this will be my main area of focus. I will also use craigslist, Facebook and of course word of mouth.

Once I decide the actual size I can determine the price I will charge once completed. Luckily Upwards of Twenty isn’t based on time value of money, if that were the case it would probably cause my finished product to be overpriced. I ran some searches and determined that wooden handmade fish art ranges from $40-125 for the finished product. I plan to market mine a bit under comparable products to expedite a quick sale.

In Part 2 I will post pictures of the product during construction, the different techniques I used and the link to the listings. Wish me luck and here’s to another financial adventure.


About upwardsoftwenty

Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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