Old coins nice profit!

On Tuesday this week I was traveling through a small rural town in South Carolina. I noticed a small pawnshop that looked like no one had been inside within the last day or two. I was stopping next-door so I figured why not go in and take a look around quickly. To my surprise the owner of the pawnshop had three small plastic bins containing buffalo nickels, liberty nickels and Indian head pennies. I figured the owner was going to charge too much but decided I’d ask the price of these anyway. He told me he had just received the coins last week and was unable to price them yet but he would look and give me a price quickly. He priced the Indian head pennies at one dollar. The liberty or the V nickels at a dollar as well. And the buffalo nickels at $.60 apiece. Overall I took a gamble purchased $13.60 worth of coins to add to my collection. I have included a photo of some of the coins I purchased below.

Upon returning to my hotel that evening I decided to take the coins out and get a closer look. I pulled up a few websites to do some research and to my pleasant surprise, the coins were valued at around three times the amount I paid for them. I have no real intention to sell these anytime soon, so these will not be added to the profit of Upwards of Twenty. The reason for the article is to demonstrate to anyone that a simple and very inexpensive investment can triple your value instantly. If I were closer to the pawnshop I would quickly go back to purchase the remaining coins. Many of the coins remaining though have been worn down and didn’t even show dates or any of the features of the coin which dramatically decreases the value. I am no coin connoisseur but I did see a unique item that was new to me and decided to take a chance. Overall it was a fun investment and I plan on doing many more as I gain more knowledge and expertise in the area of coins and antique collections. I find pleasure in the thought that these coins that are over 120 years old could have been used all over the world or at least the United States. The history behind them alone is the main reason I purchased. Any investment that you find interesting will make it more fun and more desirable. Have fun investing and it won’t keep you up at night. The best investment to make is increasing your personal knowledge. Knowledge is power and if used correctly can help open a new world of investing for you and your family. JB



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Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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  1. This is awesome and very cool. Those coins are so neat.

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