Metal to the Scrap Yard – Free Money Pt. 1

Back in my younger days I had a lawn company with roughly 20 accounts I would service weekly. In Florida we have to mow the yards every week and the short winter months are usually when we would clean up plant beds, trim trees and help homeowners with other assorted projects. From time to time the owners would throw away large amounts of metal and I would take them to the scrap yard to make a few extra bucks. While going through different ideas for Upwards of Twenty I came back to the old idea of accumulating metal and seeing if I could make some free money with minimal effort.


Safety First! LOL

I decided to actually spend a little time doing research instead of just finding metal and taking it to the local scrap yard. While doing research I realized that a lot of money was wasted just taking bulk items in. It is better to break the items down to maximize the profits based on specific metal types. I have a link to the current prices for a scrap yard located in Orlando, Florida, it will not be the one I go to but I have impressed on the amount of items they take. I recommend doing some quick research to make sure they take the items you are collecting so you don’t waste your time.

I also watched a few tutorials on YouTube in order to make sure I was using best practices. I know that in my area theft has been a big issue so I wanted to make sure all was straight and clean. Most of the videos I found set up multiple bins to sort there scrap to increase profits Scrapper Girl was one of the easiest to watch the others were a little rougher and looked like it was there full time job which is definitely not the route I am going for.


Scrapper Girl

The next phase after research was actually beginning my search. Having a full time job doesn’t allow me to wander the streets each morning looking for potential scrap, so I asked around. So far I have lined up a HVAC system that was recently replaced on a rental property (keep copy of receipt for scrap yard). I have scored an old bicycle, a large set of exercise weights, and a few buckets of smaller items. Luckily I have a Chevy Silverado so hauling all of the items will be easy. If you don’t have a truck you could still pick up most of the items with your car and do the sorting at home until you have a large enough pile worth taking. I hope to have a full load this next weekend. Stay posted for the payout!

I will post my update close to the Christmas holiday as I will have some time off and will be spending wrapping up a few projects for Upwards of Twenty. I appreciate you all following my blog and hope to keep it going strong into 2015. Happy Holidays to you all!

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Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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