Uber – Helping Babies Sleep Better at Night




How does Uber help babies sleep at night? Thanks for asking Uber allows one giant baby, yours truly JB, to sleep better knowing that my wife is able take a safe method of transportation when she decides to go out with friends/sisters for the evening. This brings me to a cab ride so unbelievable that only my friends who were there believe it. A group of five of us went downtown for a night out to honor our friend for his bachelor party. As any responsible group would do we decided to take a cab there and back. As the night ended we found a SUV that said he was available and could take us all. I should have known something was up when my one friend had to ride in the very back like he was the family pet. He didn’t seem to care so why should I. To make a long story short the cab driver performed the following acts on the ride home: 90mph in a 40 zone, passing on a turn with double yellow, blaring music, talking on cellphone, and smoking. I highly doubt he was a licensed cab driver, but that leads me to my biggest problems with cabs in my city. How do I verify that this joker is allowed to even operate a vehicle, or run a cab service? This led me to my first encounter with Uber.

Uber is a great alternative to the standard cab. I haven’t used Lyft but have heard it is just as good as Uber. Uber was my first so I will stay true to them. I have put together some quick points on my Uber is great and also cheaper than the alternative:Screenshot_2015-04-01-10-54-28Screenshot_2015-04-01-10-55-05Screenshot_2015-04-01-11-39-59








Uber Benefits

  • Cost/Cash Benefits
    • This reduces the need to carry cash or give out your card to someone you just met.
    • In my travels Uber is about 15% cheaper.
    • You preset the tip amount so you know what overall cost to expect.
    • Allows you to split fares with other riders who have Uber.
    • Fare Estimate prior to pick up lets you see how much you will need.
    • Ability to recruit new riders and get a $20 dollar credit to both parties.
  • Time
    • The app lets you decide whether you need a larger vehicle with the slide of a finger.
    • You can determine pickup timeframe based on your pickup location.
    • You can view a map while traveling and let driver know of quicker routes.
  • Safety (My Favorite)
    • Uber driver’s info is provided prior to arrival: Picture, Vehicle, Rating, and License Plate.
    • You can monitor the arriving and traveling Uber up to a few hundred yards.
    • All drivers have to pass background checks and maintain insurance.
    • No more random pickups. The drivers only pick up the client that requested them.
    • Hailing a cab in busy streets is no longer necessary.
  • Driver Benefits
    • Ability to work on their own schedule.
    • Easy way to supplement income, while providing a service.
    • Payments are posted directly to account. No need to carry cash (safety).
    •   Meet new people and see new areas of your city.

If you have had any great experiences or terrible experiences drop a comment for all to see. Here is my promo code if you want to get $20 off first ride. https://www.uber.com/invite/josephb830 or promo code josephb830


P.S. Sorry I have been away, 1Q2015 has been a real doozy but I am back on track.


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