Hatchimals and a Coworker

Back in September my wife was showing me a list of the hottest toys for the upcoming Holiday season. She then proceeded to show me the two Hatchimals that she had purchased for our daughters for Christmas. Immediately I thought she was crazy and was wasting money.

So as Christmas crept up on us I saw an article on Money.com about the Hatchimals being sold out all over the world and how they were the hottest item for sale this holiday season. JACKPOT! I had two of these toys sitting in my garage and the best part about it was these were not even items that my daughters were interested in. I know this because we make them tell us and write a letter to Santa each year.

Research was showing that these items were selling for around $150-$250 each. We had purchased them for $59.99. What a potential profit to be made. I was a little bit late to the dance and when I went to list them there were many other eBay listings for two Hatchimals for $250. I still decided this was the way to go and listed my 2 and waited for my money. I immediately received an offer for both for $200. This is when my big mouth ended my chances for profit.

While discussing my potential profits with a coworker the next day at lunch it was brought to my attention that another coworker and friend (Charles) was going to Target each morning at 6:30 and waiting for the morning shipment to come in so he could find one of these for his daughter. Well talk about taking the wind out of my sails. After lunch I went straight over to Charles and told him it was his lucky day. I had two Hatchimals and would sell him one. He was ecstatic and very appreciative. I told my wife about this and she thought it was the right thing to do. I brought the Hatchimal to work the next day and we agreed on $75.00 a small profit none the less.

Here is the real kicker, I figured I could still make out alright with the remaining one left. My wife had already decided since I had removed the eBay listing that she would give the remaining Hatchimal to both girls on Christmas and they could share it.


Wait a minute……. Hundreds of profit to $15 of profit. Just like that my whole plan had been smashed.  The truth is it felt better to do the right thing for  friend than it would have to make a some money.

Final Note: The Hatchimal we saved for our kids was defective. It doesn’t matter they had just as much fun helping it break out of its shell on their own.

Total Profit for Upwards of Twenty $135.72. Check out my spreadsheet below.capture

I hope to be able to post more frequently this year. I have already completed two projects I just need to find time to put them together. Drop me a line or comment on my post to help keep me motivated.



JB – Upwards of Twenty



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Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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