How to Get Back on Track


Getting Back on Track

I am in desperate need of some validation in my life recently. I have hit a point where I am unsure of many things. Overall I am very happy in my life in regards to family, health and finances, but I still feel I am not where I want to be in terms of career and purpose. Here are three things I will be evaluating over the next 30 days.

1) I took a job two years back hoping it would push me into a larger role. This hasn’t played out the way I thought and I am currently contemplating making a change. I have a few options that all vary in terms of money, freedom (work from home), and taking a step back. This one I will have to figure out on my own.

2) The blog is currently just a hobby and I post whenever I feel like it. This makes me feel like it is a waste of time. Should I close the blog or try to create a better schedule that allows me time to post more frequently? I do enjoy reading other blogs and hope to one day be an inspiration. I am just not sure this is the way I should go about it. Sometimes I think of changing directions completely. Any input from readers or outside influences would be nice on this one.

3) My focus in general has seemed off. I know that having young children can take a lot out of you but recently I feel like I am stuck in a lull. My energy levels are decreased, my focus is less intense and my drive has diminished. Part of me blames this on my current job and exercise routine. I am going to try to alter my diet and exercise first and will come back to this topic. But this has never been a issue for me so it raises some concern.

I am writing this in hopes that fellow readers, bloggers and friends will chime in and give me some feedback.






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Family man with two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I work in the Real Estate industry and own two small businesses. I enjoy fishing and life in general.
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4 Responses to How to Get Back on Track

  1. Hey JB, sorry to hear 😦 If it makes you feel better, I get like this too a lot, and I reckon a lot of others do as well 🙂 Some phases you’re killing it, and others you feel like you’re being killed! Def. good to be asking questions and seeking advice/tips/change/etc.

    As for the blog, if it still interests you and you enjoy it, I say keep on going. If it’s become a chore and/or you dread it, then it’s prob time for a change – either in shutting it down or doing things differently with it. There’s a million little tricks you can do to grow it and build it up more, but honestly that only matters if you still really *want* to blog – otherwise it just amplifies the chores.

    Anyways, not sure how helpful this is, but I do wish you clarity over there my friend. Not a fun position to be in, but it is just a phase! Keep searching!

  2. Thanks J.Money. I appreciate the insight especially from someone who has been killing it for so long. I spent some time last night brainstorming ideas and am going to spend the weekend figuring out which direction I take. I enjoy writing but need to focus on my time management. The struggles of life. I will post another update soon.

  3. karlsteiner1 says:

    My philosophy is that you have to care a little less about what happens. Pursue what feels right. Pursue things that help people and things that provide your own self-validation. Don’t look to outside opinions for validation. I was just discussing with my wife the other day that the choice you make is not that important. There are a million choices you could make on any given day, and trying to choose the “right one” is just a game. If you solidly feel good in pursuing a particular track, and honestly know you feel good about it for the right reasons, then it is the “right” track for you. The only thing you can ultimately control in life is your reactions to what happens. Trying to control the rest is just an illusion. Whoa! I am getting in way too deep here. I apologize for the philosophizing. I truly wish you the best in what ever you do.


    (Besides pause the blogging as we can see here, haha…)

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